With special thanks to Meagan">
With special thanks to Meagan, (above) I learned something about the Paso Fino which means "fine step". The horses move with a four beat lateral gait, meaning only one foot is on the ground at a time, giving a smooth ride. The gait is natural, inherited from it's parents and no special training is needed. The corto is a small step about the same as a trot and the largo is a more rapid and longer step about the same as a gallop.

The horses were brought from Spain with Columbus and bred in Santo Domingo, then with the Conquistadors spread all over South and Central America, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

These are elegant horses, small of statue, only about 14 hands. With long thick manes and tails, they come in all the normal horse colors.

To the right is Kelley Cox, from Ocala, Florida. Trainer, rider and Breeder. She and her partner have a ranch in Anthony, Florida