Well we had another adventure this past weekend, we were invited to the Oklawaha Outpost to go on a canoe trip. We met with owners Larry and Gloria Reiche at the Outpost at 10:30 AM for an overview of the trip which was to begin at 11:00, they explained to us the best spots along the river for photography and the little creeks where we might find some of old Florida. The trip we elected to take was an eight mile journey back in time, to what Florida looked like for hundreds maybe thousands of years before the settlers came and did what settlers do, change things. I guess we got lucky because  the middle portion of this 110 mile river has been saved from mans intrusion. The river originates in several lakes in the middle of the state and runs northward along the edge of the Ocala National Forest before it joins the St. Johns River.
Larry told us that in the early morning the mist rises over the spring-fed streams. To see the river early in the morning you would have to opt for one of the overnight camping trips where Larry and Gloria can arrange for just about all your camping needs. They offer a wide range of options, from a few hours to days on the river. What struck me was the quiet and solitude. With the river flowing downstream at three to five knots paddling is quite easy and actually relaxing, leaving time to pay attention to the pristine beauty of this semi-tropical forest. As you wind through narrow waterways lined with gnarly cypress, swamp maples and sable palms you have the opportunity of seeing some of the more than two hundred species of birds or three hundred different mammals that call this place home.
We had a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat. We saw dozens of turtles, a few small alligators, hundreds of birds but alas no monkeys, which are known to be along the river. It is a beautiful river and thanks to Larry and Gloria a lot more people can share our experience.



The rates at this time were about $16.00 per person for the eight mile trip and starting at $61.00 for the overnight. All kinds of special arrangements are available, so it's best to call and make reservations

  • Contact Information: Oklawaha Outpost
  • 15260 N.E. 152nd Pl.
  •  Fort McCoy, Fl. 32134
  • 352 236 4606