Soap Box Derby of Ocala
Photos and story by Brandon Buck

The Soapbox Derby is a place for kids of all ages to enjoy a wonderful weekend of racing.  A Soap Box Derby race, if you don't know already, are two wooden cars set at the top of a hill and let go to see which one gets to the bottom first.  These cars are built by the racers and their family's with the support of local businesses.  The cars are made out of wood, metal, and have no  motors.  The winners of the All American Soapbox Derby race in Ocala, on May 3rd, will advance to the All American Race in Akron.  There are three divisions of racing which are Stock, Super Stock, and Masters.  The ages range from Elementary school kids all the way to High school teens.  Helpful contributors to the race were Cici's Pizza, Moss Construction,  Union Metal, CMI,  Rhodes Auto Body, ACE, Shores home and hardware store, and Baseline Body Shop.