Mexican Riviera
                                      Photos and story by Joy Zuckerman


The Oosterdam cruise ship from the Holland America Line took her first voyage to the Mexican Riviera and I was fortunate to be onboard with my Canon 20D for company. There were three ports of call each more magnificent than the next.


Cabo San Lucas with it's natural sculpting jutting from the sea; pelicans perching against dramatic backdrops and sea lions playing and romping free without a cage, fence or fee.  Not only was the shopping good but there was an opportunity to swim, ride, hug and kiss the dolphins which I indulged in to my hearts content.

The Second Port- Manzanilla, brought breathtaking views of the island's landscape, pristine beaches, and gentle smiling faces. It was so delightful to experience a place where you can shop leisurely and then when you pay, the vendor doesn't even think to count it- he just places it in his pocket with a genuine "Thank You"-  My jaw dropped to the floor when I learned that there is no police force here as there is a zero percent crime rate. There must be a troop of angels protecting this peace of earth.







Last but not least, Puerto Vallerta wears her soul along the beaches. There you can see people who build balanced rock sculptures through focused meditation rather than glue, and create sand sculptures for the joy of the moment knowing they will soon be destroyed by the elements of nature. Honest art, from the heart.
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