Bill Jr. washing down one of the horses after a work-out.  Bill and daughter in law Jo 
 Bill Jr. saddling up the next one a filly for her morning run
Bill Jr. and Jo walk the fillies out to the track to warm them up, then they sprint them for a short distance. Walk them, and maybe another short sprint.
Wait a minute didn't we just do this.
 And still another, till they're all done These are happy horses
Bill spends about half the year in Ocala and the rest in Lexington, Ky.  He's with his horses 7 days a week
Bill usually buys the horses as yearlings, trains them for a year or more. He also trains for other owners.
What I found most interesting is the psychology needed in training horses, Bill explained to me how each horse had it's own personality
and that the training was designed for each individual animal. Now that's dedication. Bill, thanks for the morning.