Dozer Days
Photos and Story by Susan Winfree

This annual event has been thrilling children in the area for 5 years now, and itís no wonder!  Where else can a kid get to operate the big machines?  They got to climb on, sit in and even dig and push dirt around!  The monster equipment had a helper (from the construction company) to ride in the cab (with the kids) and help with the operation.  But the (small) bobcats and such, the kids were turned loose on! Left to dig to their hearts content (watched closely) and they had the time of their life!  Some made handprints in cement to take home, searched for prizes in huge sand piles. There were lots of different machines small, large and giant!   Helicopters brought by Sheriffs Dept & Fire rescue held demonstrations.

This one of a kind construction theme park, back again for the 5th year by The Childrenís Society of Florida  and the Marion County Road Builders Association

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