Ocklawaha River Raid Re-enactment  Photos and Caption by Susan Winfree
This was the 20th annual Ocklawaha River Raid civil war re-enactment .It also was a fundraiser for the Marion County 4-H farm where it was held. Attending one of these events will take you back to the 1860's. Camps are open to the public and are made as authentic as possible. Food is cooked over a campfire, "almost anything you can cook at home, we can cook here." said Sandy Fort, one of the civilians. They offer a feel of the way life was for both the soldiers and the civilians. Living history demonstrations are everywhere as all the re-enactors are very knowledgeable about this period in history. Visit Sutlers Row where you can buy period clothing.
The main attraction is the battle! Each afternoon at 2 :00 PM the forces of the North and South engage in simulated combat. These battles are fought using weapons and tactics of the time, with the cannons firing, the gunshots, the soldiers yelling and the thick gun smoke on the battlefield, it is defiantly a crowd pleaser
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